Launching America’s Chamber of Freedom
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Launching America’s Chamber of Freedom

Launching America’s Chamber of Freedom


** and Job Creators Network Launch America’s Chamber of Freedom**

Cementing a commitment to small businesses, America’s Chamber of Freedom aims to engage, empower, and elevate American businesses and entrepreneurial endeavors across all sectors.

In a landmark collaboration, Freedom Square (, a recognized champion for business empowerment, has joined forces with the influential Job Creators Network to establish America’s Chamber of Freedom. America’s Chamber of Freedom initiative has been curated with one primary goal: to fortify and support American small businesses, the silent engines that power our national economy.

“Our alliance with the Job Creators Network goes beyond the traditional partnership boundaries. We are setting the stage for a robust support system tailored for small businesses. In a landscape where larger entities often overshadow small-scale enterprises, America’s Chamber of Freedom will be the voice, advocate, and torchbearer for the small business community,” says Chuck Barham, Chief Marketing Officer of

While a bevy of chambers and organizations cater to extensive corporate agendas, America’s Chamber of Freedom stands apart. Customer built for small businesses; America’s Chamber of Freedom initiatives underway include:

  • Advocacy and policymaking
  • Networking and B2B Opportunities
  • Business Start-Up Center
  • Sustainability Toolkit
  • Succession Planning Resources

America’s Chamber of Freedom underscores the importance of uniting small businesses under one umbrella, fostering a collective strength that can influence policymaking and business landscapes. extends a membership invitation to small business owners, budding entrepreneurs, and industry thought leaders nationwide. For deeper insights, interview requests, or membership inquiries, please reach out to Chuck Barham, Chief Marketing Officer at