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Meet A Company That is Revolutionizing The Way Americans Get Their Prescriptions!

Everyday in this country, our fellow Americans struggle with the costs of healthcare, especially prescription medications. In fact, many people are being taken advantage of and are unknowingly being overcharged for their medications.

There is a revolutionary pharmacy in Akron, Ohio who is on a mission to make medications affordable. MyFreePharmacy, was founded in 2017 by Patriots with good hometown values and work ethic. They are a team who believes in helping their fellow Americans and are working toward the common good. This team has created a program where members can get the most prescribed generic medications like Antibiotics, anti-depressants, birth control, lifestyle medications, vitamins, high blood pressure pills, cholesterol medicine, beta blockers, and more at no cost! To make paying for these prescriptions easier and more affordable, the company offers over 800 medications for FREE with a low monthly membership fee. Over 30 years of experience, relationships and strategic partnerships make it possible for MyFreePharmacy to control costs and make prescriptions more affordable for virtually everyone whether they have insurance or not! Their state-of-the-art pharmacy uses the latest technologies and has the most efficient processing system to get prescriptions to its members in 1-3 business days for FREE!

“MyFreePharmacy currently delivers thousands of FREE prescriptions nationwide to our members,” says founder Doug Behrens. “The program is a game changer…where else can you get FREE prescriptions? We want to make a difference out there and we are doing it for our members, one prescription at a time!”

Getting started is quick and easy. Simply visit www.myfreepharmacy.com/Freedom to sign-up and get access to all of the generic medications on their program for FREE. The program works like a wholesale club, a member pays a monthly fee, as low as $19.95 per person, and gets an all-access pass to get their generic medications for Free. There is no limit on the number of prescriptions, no hidden fees, and no gimmicks, this program is designed to make the same medications they buy now, available at a fraction of what they normally pay! You can search their drug list to make sure your medications are available or you can call their customer service team to look them up for you. Once a member, your doctor can begin e-prescribing to them or their pharmacy team can transfer your current prescriptions for you. Immediate need medications can be picked up on your way home from the doctor at over 64,000 pharmacies nationwide and your chronic medications will be delivered to your home for free.

MyFreePharmacy is changing the way Americans get their prescriptions one member at a time. They help take the stress and anxiety out of the healthcare equation by helping consumers control their prescription costs, they are truly making a difference in this country.

Visit myfreepharmacy.com/Freedom for more information.